Have you ever considered giving a webinar a try but questioned whether it was worth your time? Truthfully, a lot of users can feel that way. But the truth is, there are numerous reasons why people in varying industries choose to attend Iowa Land Records webinars, and we’ve complied the top five reasons why you should too.

1. Ease and Convenience

Because webinars are an online-based form of learning, you can attend from anywhere, which makes them a convenient resource for customers statewide. While webinars are not as personal as  in-person training, you are still able to communicate with experts from anywhere in the state and learn directly from those who are most knowledgeable. No matter which of the 99 counties you reside in, you can conveniently log on and connect with an Iowa Land Records systems specialist to brush up on your skills and ask questions in real-time.

Signing up for a webinar is simple. All you need to do is look through our events calendar to find a date that works for your schedule. Then follow the registration link, enter your information and you’re added to the roster! Once you’ve registered, set yourself a calendar reminder – just like you would do for any type of event. The Iowa Land Records team will send you a reminder and login information the day prior to the webinar. The day of the webinar you will simply use the information provided in the email to log on and participate.

If you are in a busy office setting and have to field phone calls, it’s no problem. Simply mute your phone or microphone so as not to disrupt the ongoing webinar, take care of business and return back to the webinar when you’re finished. Alternatively, if you have to leave a webinar early or join late, you can do so without being disruptive to the other attendees or the host.

2. Affordability

In addition to saving money on travel expenses that would be incurred with in-person training, our webinars are free. Whether your entire team needs training or one person simply wants to brush up on his or her skills, you are welcome to sign up as many participants you’d like without worry of hidden costs. Plus, you can attend multiple webinars without having to worry about busting the budget.

Because there is no cost, you also have the ability to coordinate how you’d like to attend the webinar. Do you want to gather as a team in one office, or would you prefer each employee to work on his or her own computer and follow along individually? Whatever your preference, our webinar structure accommodates without costing anything but time.

3. Make Connections

An added bonus of attending webinars is gaining an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Generally speaking, attendees of a certain webinar topic all have a common interest. When it comes to Iowa Land Records webinars, most attendees are members of the real estate community. From bankers to lawyers, surveyors and title companies, attendees have an opportunity to meet one another as well as learn from one another’s questions and experiences witht he system.

4. Career Development

Learning shouldn’t end when schooling does. As technology continues to move forward and change the landscape of various industries, continued learning becomes even more important for career growth and job security. Also consider, the more you know about something, the more value you can bring to your organization. Webinars provide an opportunity to learn a new skill or brush up on an existing skill from the comfort of your own home or office.

In the real estate industry, digital transactions are becoming increasingly popular, and continued learning is the best way to keep from falling behind with competitors. Iowa Land Records E-Submission is a helpful tool for industry professionals who want to provide speedy customer service and stay ahead of the game. By learning our platform – on your own or through employer encouragement – you will bring new value to your company and customer base. The additional benefit of attending a free webinar is that you can ask pointed questions that will help you better understand a specific concept or process.

5. Learn from the E-Submission Experts

Employee turnover can be frustrating for employers, and training each new employee on E-Submission can take up time your organization just doesn’t have. Plus, no one knows Iowa Land Records E-Submission better than the team that runs it, right? So why not give employees the opportunity to learn directly from the experts? As an attendee, you can feel confident that you’re getting first-hand knowledge and information from experienced professionals.


For more information about webinars or to find training resources, visit our Resources page.