How Iowa Land Records Helps

Professionals have been using Iowa Land Records for over a decade and our users understand the convenience and value of searching and submitting documents electronically. Join thousands of abstractors, attorneys, banking professionals, government officials, realtors, and surveyors who are using this technology to simplify their recording routine.




The foundation of the history of title to real estate is the record of property transfers found at the county recorder’s office. Abstract and title companies gain timely access to these records through the Iowa Land Records website. The companies that are engaged in closing services also benefit from e-submission services, which enable the timely recording of conveyance documents.

Bankers and Mortgage Professionals

Across the state of Iowa, bankers and mortgage professionals depend on Iowa Land Records to provide them with vital information about mortgage lending. Bankers and lenders are now able to search and submit documents for customers electronically, leading to a quick return of recorded documents, which means their customers are served in a more timely manner.

Government Officials

Each day, government officials file mortgages, warranty deeds, easements, and more with their local county recorder’s office. City officials work quickly to acquire everything from easements for city infrastructure to properties for future growth in a timely manner. These projects are never ending and Iowa Land Records saves city officials precious time by allowing them to submit documents electronically so they can move on to the next project.


Real Estate Professionals


Researching property records helps realtors get a full picture of how much their clients may realistically ask for their property or what kind of offer should be made in a sale. Being able to electronically search property across every county in Iowa in one place saves valuable time.


One of the many important things surveyors do is submit survey and plat documents to county recorders. Now, surveyors are enjoying the ease of submitting these documents electronically. This helps them remain as efficient as possible.


Real estate attorneys serve their clients by ensuring that real estate transactions are as seamless as possible for all involved. These attorneys and their colleagues use Iowa Land Records to increase their workflow and productivity. The timely return of recorded documents is vital in the fast-paced real estate market.