The Iowa Land Records team has been hard at work improving the e-submission interface – informally called “E-Submission 2.0.” ILR developers will be completing updates to the recorder’s interface through the end of calendar year 2019. Our focus will shift to making significant updates to the customer interface in 2020.

In order to properly address the concerns of customers, the Iowa Land Records team has been working to gather feedback from current e-submission customers. Earlier this year customers were asked to participate in one of two webinar-based focus groups aimed at gathering direct feedback to help guide the development of the new customer interface.

Customers were given a demonstration of the current e-submission processes and asked to provide open and honest feedback about its functionality. Additionally, customers who attended regional seminars across the state as part of a 2019 Spring Seminar Series were asked to provide their ideas and input. All customer comments were collected and presented to the development team responsible for updating the application.

More customer input will be sought as the new interface is developed in 2020. Our goal is to ensure that E-Submission 2.0 will be a more efficient and user-friendly experience for submitting real estate documents for official recording.


Single Page View

A one-page work flow will make it easier for customers to see all data for a group on one page.

Fewer Clicks

The new E-Submission Customer interface will require fewer clicks for document submission.

Less Data Entry

Submitting a document with the new interface will require less data be entered or keyed.