Watch Training Videos

Searching and submitting land records electronically at any time of day can save valuable time. Our step-by-step video demonstrations are available below to help make the process even easier. 

Monthly Webinars

Iowa Land Records offers free training webinars, so the opportunity to brush up on your e-submission skills is always right around the corner. Led by a systems specialist, you’ll get to experience a step-by-step demonstration and ask direct questions. Plus, in e-submission training webinars, you get to see both the customer’s and recorder’s interface, so you get a complete understanding of the process start to finish. Sign up for our next webinar training so that you can search, submit and succeed with Iowa Land Records.

Training Resources

Searching for Previously Submitted Documents 

Replacing Documents in a Group 

Short Form 101 

Deleting Documents from a Group 

Change Document Sequence in a Group

Adding Documents to a Group

Generating the Same Party Name

Setting the Short Form as Your Default

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to submit documents electronically through Iowa Land Records?

Customers are charged standard county recording fees plus a $3 e-submission fee per document. There are no fees for Declaration of Value and Groundwater Hazard documents. There are no application fees or fees to set up your account.

Who reviews the documents I submit through the Iowa Land Records e-submission service?

County recorders in all 99 counties use Iowa Land Records. The local recorder for the county that corresponds to your document will review, then approve or decline your submission.

How can I pay for my submission?

Customers have a few options for payment:

Funds will be deducted from your account on the day of recording. During the setup process, we will check with your bank to ensure that an ACH block is not on the account. 

Credit or Debit Card
The fee is .01865% of the recording fee.

You will not be charged until your document is successfully recorded.

How is e-submission different than over-the-counter or mail submissions?

There are a variety of benefits to e-submission, including the following:

  • Documents are reviewed within 24 hours or one business day
  • No waiting on the mail
  • No postage or courier fees
  • No waiting in line
  • Faster error correction
  • Secure file transmission
What types of documents can I submit using e-submission?

Any document you can submit to an Iowa county recorder can be submitted via e-submission.

Are there reports to help my accounting team reconcile our transactions?

E-submission customers have a “reports” section in their account that allows them to pull various reports from a specified date range. This lets customers reconcile changes for any given period.

How will I know when my document has been recorded?

Iowa Land Records sends our customers a series of emails through the e-submission process so you know the status of your document. This includes information on any fee change, whether the document needs to be corrected, and when the document has been successfully recorded.

Is there a way to obtain the official recorded document with the recording stamp after it has been recorded?


There are several ways to obtain a PDF copy of your final recorded document for your records. You will receive an email with a link to the digital file when your document is recorded. If you can’t access the document via the link in your email message, you may download the PDF from the recently recorded “documents” section in the e-submission portal or visit the search portal to search for the document.

Is there training available for my team to learn how to use e-submission?

Iowa Land Records offers an e-submission webinar once a month, which includes a live step-by-step demonstration of the e-submission service. In addition to these webinars, our team is happy to set up a live training with members of your team. We also have a variety of helpful video tutorials and training guides to help you understand the e-submission process.